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Ours this globally respected website is dedicated to providing comprehensive, well-rounded, and highly constructive information about the vast world of accredited online courses and degrees, offered by colleges and universities located in the world over. These highly creative and professional online degree courses are now extended in a truly extensive gamut of subjects, and at varying academic and professional levels. These accredited online degree courses cover almost all fields and subjects related with the broad sectors of professions, academics, manufacturing and industries, hobbies, sports, business and commerce, internet and multimedia, culinary and hospitality, media and entertainment, and diverse services. These all categories of online courses are described separately in the below paragraphs, for lavish convenience to the visitors.


Move on further with potential in your career even you got trap with social responsibilities by the way of online degrees in bachelors, masters offer by accredited colleges.


Online mode of education has brought a revolution in the study industry by offering varied numbers of courses ranging from diplomas, post diploma, short term courses.


Get connected with online schools where you will find regular chapters that are basically instructed by the mean of online topologies from any of the remote location globally.


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Here, it may be mentioned that well-recognized online degree courses are certainly a great boon for acquiring highly productive ad beneficial degrees by working individuals in their desired fields of interest or occupation. Here, we have provided detailed information about various online degree courses, and the distance learning colleges and universities, which offer these courses. These accredited online courses are also classified as per the industry categories, and the levels of degrees these provide. On the other hand, educational institutions are distinguished based on the type and level of online degrees they offer, and the subjects they provide a variety of online degrees in. At present, bulk of the globally reputed colleges and universities that offer illustrious and prolific online degrees in an extensive range of subjects, are located in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Spain, Germany, India, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, France, and many other countries. As far as India is concerned, there are about 200 full-fledged and internationally renowned distance learning institutes and open universities located in all across India, all being duly recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) of India.

Mangalayatan University