Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is concerned to offer best and safe services to the respective clients. Privacy policy is a segment that is being taken from all the possible facets in order to remain out off any illicit acts and maltreat activities. Here, 123onlinedegreecourses introduces you with best privacy policy where all the data and facts about client's side remained confined with server and not stated to share with outside world. We are not allowed any of our internal team to get use of client's data for any of the marketing or advert tool.

Secondly, all the queries and cookies in respect of clients side will remain under secret mode will not share with any of the third party. In today world of technology and internet every browser has its own rules and regulation to save the cookies from where we have save all the respective clients data. All these data are not being shared to outside world will only be accessed on the request of its original owner.

All the data of 123onlinedegreecourses is unique and reliable and with complete information in case of misleading or misconceptions we are not held with any of the liability. Under the same privacy policy; we are not allowed any of the third parties to copy any of the website data of 123onlinedegreecourses; on getting which will make us to take legal action against the same. On other hand users will use our online education portal on their own if they incur with any loss by using 123onlinedegreecourses then we are not held with any of the liability.

Here we have complete rights over terms and conditions and other parts of the websites where we posses every power to alter the same any of the web information, policies, web design and many more without any consent of partners, registered users or any third party. For further information or query connect us at