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Accredited, highly constructive, and prolific online courses are now fast becoming popular and highly appreciated by students, educators, and employers in almost all educational, professional, ad commercial fields. These online education courses are most popular and preferred by studying students, working professionals, occupied business persons, and other busy persons in various occupations. Hence, well-accredited, refined, and highly productive online courses at undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels have become a welcome and significant complementary to the campus-based educational courses at schools, colleges, and universities.

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Here, it is also important and beneficial to mention that the online educational courses are certainly an elegant and highly convenient means for acquiring basic or additional educational degrees for success, growth, and prosperity in any desired educational, professional, or commercial subjects or fields. More information about the various online courses is given separately in the lower section exclusively.

Today, online courses have become rather prominent and beneficial in most countries of the world, inseparably including India. However, some well-developed countries of the world have well-founded and highly refined universities and facilities for offering high-quality and optimally professional online courses in a rather extensive gamut of subjects and fields mentioned below. The most globally famous among these countries are USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Sweden, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, and other European and Asian countries. Online universities located in these countries are now globally famous for offering the best online courses in a rather wide-range of subjects.

List of Best Online Education Courses

This section offers information about the subjects and fields covered by the online educational courses, and the most popular and best online courses in today's world. Well-equipped with synchronous and asynchronous distance learning technologies these online courses are provided at varying academic and professional hierarchies in subjects that pertain to all fields of the professions, academics, business and commerce, and services.

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The most prominent subjects and fields amongst these are sciences, arts and humanities, engineering and technology, information technology, law and para-legal studies, mass communication and journalism, business management, internet and multimedia, animation, computer hardware and software, social sciences, education and teaching, medical assisting, healthcare, culinary and hospitality, industrial manufacturing, languages and literature, religious studies, fine art, biotechnology, nursing, accounts, banking and finance, horticulture, hospital administration, international business, media and entertainment, and various other creative and prolific subjects and fields. The list of online courses has been ever-expanding year by year in most of the countries of the world, including the above-mentioned countries.

As per a recent survey by the U.S. News, the most popular and cherished online educational courses in USA and other parts of the world are related with the following subjects or fields:

  • Business Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Courses
  • Education and Teaching
  • Healthcare and Nursing Courses
  • Computer Information Technology (CIT)

Highly constrictive and well-paying online courses in these fields are provided at graduate and postgraduate levels, for lavish benefits to students and professionals alike. For these reputed online courses the most prestigious universities at present are Pace University, University of Florida; Washington State University, University of Southern California, St. John's University, and Ferris State University.

List of Online Courses