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Online Learning Programs

The online learning programs have now opened the doors to a vast and varied world of education, information, and employment opportunities. Consequently, the online learning programs have now become an integral and significant part of education sector, along with the traditional brick-and-mortar classes and courses. The most benefited people by these online distance learning programs are working or studying students in colleges and universities, students preparing for competitive exams, working professionals, occupied businesspersons, housewives, and the unemployed persons.

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The online learning degree programs offer each of these categories of individuals, certain educational or vocational certificates or degrees, for building a rich and bright career, or achieving faster promotion and growth in career. Such online learning courses are also very suitable for selecting a sideline profession or business. Therefore, ours globally famous and reliable service organization is offering in this enlightening webpage, the comprehensive gamut of highly beneficial information about various online learning programs available to people of all occupations and professions, and the most famous and popular online universities which have been extending these constructive and prolific courses for a long time.

Online Distance Learning Degree Programs

Today, at this age of high-speed internet, well-developed devices and technologies of information technology, and advanced distance learning technologies (both asynchronous and synchronous), the world of distance learning courses and programs is rather enriched and opulent. There are available over 400 online learning programs, and about 300 vocational training programs in a large number of subjects pertaining to various fields of the sectors of professions, business and commerce, industries, and services. These rich and accredited online learning programs are provided by numerous distance learning institutes and online universities, which are well-established in countries worldwide (information about these is being given in the lower section, separately). Among these huge number of courses rendered at diverse levels, the most popular and preferred online learning programs are related with the following subjects and fields:

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Sciences; Engineering and Technology; Education and Teaching; Information Technology; Business Management; Biotechnology; Computer Software and Hardware; Public Health; Business Administration; Nursing; Public Administration; Psychology; Accounting; Finance; Bioinformatics; Mass Communication and Journalism; Human Resource Management; Computer and Information Sciences; Marketing: e-Business and Online Marketing; Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications: Financial Planning and Services; Management Information Systems; Law and Criminal Justice; Entrepreneurship; International Business; Hospital Administration; Medical Assisting; Culinary and Hospitality; Internet and Multimedia; Languages and Literature; Religious Studies; Pharmacy; Web Development and Promotion; Animation; Healthcare and Medicines; Travel and Tourism; Pharmaceuticals; Advertising; Fashion Technology; Media and Entertainment; Insurance; Telecommunications; and other highly creative and prolific subjects.

Online Distance Learning Programs

To cater sufficiently to the ever-growing requirement of online learning programs, an ever-increasing number of distance learning institutes, online universities, and open universities are now provided such online courses at varying academic and professional levels. About 150 of these online institutes and universities are now globally prominent and amply popular by students and professionals worldwide, both working and non-working. These distance learning degrees are granted at diverse levels of undergraduate, associate, graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral, in most of the professional and commercial fields. Among these globally famous online universities, the following universities are rather renowned and hugely popular by students and professionals located worldwide:

  • Post University
  • Pace University
  • Northeastern University
  • Capella University
  • Kaplan University
  • Walden University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Harvard University Online
  • Ashford University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Ferris State University
  • Strayer University
  • DeVry University
  • University of Florida
  • Boston University