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E-Learning in India

The E-Learning in India is now well-established and rather prominent at higher education level and also at the school level, as in most developed countries of the world. However, the most popular is the online educational and degree courses at graduate and postgraduate levels, in places all across India. Comprehensive and highly creative information about the online education at higher levels has been provided in ours other articles. In this special web article, we are now offering detailed and highly constructive information about the e-learning in india, especially at the school level.

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The e-learning for children at school level is now gaining grounds gradually in India, especially in the major cities and fast progressing towns of the country. The school level encompasses the categories of the primary, middle, and higher secondary levels, and ranges from Class I to class XII. The level of Kindergarten and Nursery is generally not included in the e-learning mode. It is observed that, online school education is more or most popular in the States of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab. Here, it may also be included that, the e-learning is acquiring education using computer and the internet, and other information technology devices. Children and students receive the study materials at home or in any convenient place through online mode. Highly helpful information about the distance learning schools in India, and the distance learning programs offered by these e-learning schools, is given separately in the lower sections of ours this enlightening article.

Distance Learning Programs

For necessary and high-quality school education to Indian children belonging to the categories of primary, secondary, or higher secondary levels, there are available e-learning classes and courses by Indian and foreign educational institutions and organizations, listed in the section below. These distance learning programs range from Class I or Grade-1 to Class XII or Grade-12. The Indian institutes offering e-learning programs for school students are duly recognized by the State and National education boards and councils.

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And, the e-learning courses of the foreign institutes and universities are approved and accredited by national as well as many international education boards and councils such as the IBO, Cambridge IGCSE, CIS, NCAA, IEAC, and CAOHS. Depending upon the requirements, convenience, and preference of the children and parents, any of these Indian and foreign distance learning programs could be utilized for providing the most suitable and constructive school education to children belonging to any part of India. The most common subjects covered in almost all Indian and international e-learning classes at diverse levels are sciences, mathematics, basic computer, social sciences, English, and other International or regional languages.

Distance Learning Schools in India

For e-learning in india (distance learning india) at school level, most popular and preferred are governmental educational institutions, such as the CBSE Learning Centre, MH Board, TN Board, and the AP Board. As per the location, curriculum standard, fee structure, requirements of the children, and preference, the online education programs of any of these Indian institutes can elegantly be utilized. These governmental institutes provide e-learning programs for Class I to Class X or XII, or for Class VI to XII. For obtaining world-class school education ranging from Grade-1 to Grade-12, the following are the most popular and reputed online schools in the world, at present:

  • Park City Independent National High School
  • Laurel Springs School
  • University of Missouri High School
  • International Virtual Learning Academy
  • Liberty University Online Academy
  • Mesa Distance Learning Program
  • Penn Foster High School
  • Ohio Connections Academy
  • Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
  • The Cambridge Academy
  • Kaplan College Preparatory School
  • K12 International Academy
  • Global Student Network