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Online Home Schools

The online home schools are fast becoming popular for providing school education to children at home. Today, numerous well-accredited educational institutions and organizations located in countries worldwide, are offering school education through the online mode to children and teenagers at primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels, and residing in any part of the whole world.

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These online school education providers are accredited by several international accreditation agencies and councils, besides the national accreditation body, for offering highly constructive and world-class online education courses. Thus, online home schools programs have emerged out to become a highly elegant and preferred means for offering internationally recognized and compulsory school education to children of varying ages in any residential location.

The convenient, economical, and lavish facilities of online home schooling is especially suitable for those students who are not well physically, or are liable to change their place of residence frequently from time to time, caused by job transfers of their parents. The lower section offers much more information about these accredited home schools programs extended by online schools and institutions well-established in countries worldwide. Some of the most popular and best educational institutions and organizations connected with the facilities for home schooling are also listed, with a view to help our global visitors in selecting the best possible institute for home schooling.

Accredited Online Home School Programs

The online home schools extend school education at levels of Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High. Most of the online school education providers cover these all levels and offer school education ranging from Kindergarten to Grade12. Generally, the middle school level ranges from Grade6 to Grade8.

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Today, majority of the accredited home schools programs are provided by online schools and universities which are located in well-developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, and other European and Asian countries. In addition to being duly accredited by the native national board for online education, these globally famous online schools and institutions are accredited by many international councils and associations such as NCAA, CAOHS, IEAC, IACOOS, etc. Thus, the educational certificate and high school diplomas granted by these internationally prominent online institutes are duly appreciated and properly recognized in countries of the world over, and are commonly considered appropriate and highly suitable for entering into the higher studies at colleges and universities located in those countries. At present, the following educational institutions are rather famous and popular for acquiring efficient and world-class online home schooling:

  • Laurel Springs School
  • The Cambridge Academy
  • University of Missouri High School
  • Penn Foster High School
  • Liberty University Online Academy
  • Mesa Distance Learning Program
  • Ohio Connections Academy
  • Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
  • Virtual School Library
  • Alpha Omega Academy
  • Oak Meadow School
  • K12 International Academy
  • Forest Trail Academy
  • The American Academy
  • Greenways Academy
  • Kaplan College Preparatory School
  • Bridgeway Homeschool Academy
  • Park City Independent National High School