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The online courses especially at higher education level, are fast being popular year by year in all across India also. The online classes and courses availed of by Indian students and professionals are offered by a large number of Indian educational institutes and universities and numerous globally famous online universities of the world. In ours this highly enlightening and discerning article, we are providing all vital information about the online classes and courses which are rendered by Indian distance learning institutes, online colleges, and open universities.

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As the higher education infrastructure of India is one of the largest and highly-refined educational infrastructures of the whole world, higher studies in India through both the online and offline modes has been highly approved and preferred by students, professionals, ad employers of the world over, for decades. As far as the distance learning and online education courses are concerned, India has over 200 well-established and fully active educational institutions situated in cities all across India, which offer superb and internationally commended online degree courses in a wide range of professional, industrial, and commercial subjects. The lower section of this highly informative article, offers detailed information about these online courses in india. Among these distance learning institutes, about 50 open and distance learning institutes (ODLIs) and open universities are now extensively famous and reputed for their world-class and quite economical online courses. Information about these most popular and prestigious online universities of India, is comprehensively provided in our other articles that bear pertinent titles.

List of Online Courses in India

All online courses extended by well-resourced and extensively experienced Indian online colleges and open universities are regularly made enriched, updated, and appropriate to the contemporary global standards by the Distance education Council (DEC) of the govt. of India. These online classes india, are about 300 in number and cover almost all academic, professional, industrial, and commercial subjects, like those online courses which are offered by most of the world-famous online universities located in countries worldwide.

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Again, the online courses by Indian universities are provided at all academic and professional levels, including the levels of diploma and certificate, graduate and associate, postgraduate, and doctoral. The extensive list of online courses (under these all categories) covers the following fathomless gamut of subjects and fields:

Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Accounts and Commerce, Engineering and Technology, Law and Para-legal, Business Management, Information Technology, Education and Teaching, Electrical and Electronics, Culinary and Hospitality, Mass Communication and Journalism, Languages and Literature, Internet and Multimedia, Animation, Web Designing, Industrial Manufacturing, Information Technology Management and e-Business, Computer Software and Hardware, Online Business and Promotion, Human Resource Development and Management, Banking and Finance, Healthcare and Medicines, Nutrition and Wellness, Travel and Tourism, Transportation and Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Sports, Fashion, Fine Art and Design, Medical Assisting, Nursing, Pharmacy, Hospital Administration, Telecommunications, Media and Advertising, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Leisure and Entertainment, Fashion Technology, Aviation, Horticulture and Floriculture, Genetics, Religious Studies, Power and Energy, Biotechnology, Social Sciences, Automotive, Bioinformatics, Rural Development, diverse Services, and other fields and subject of high professional and commercial importance and productivity.