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Online Engineering Degrees

Engineering is regarded as one of the most prestigious and successful career options among students. Due to its popularity and importance in this economy, the demand for engineering degree courses is also gaining importance. There are hundreds and thousands of engineering colleges and universities that specialize in providing engineering degrees.

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An obvious competition can be seen between many colleges when it comes to admission in the engineering field and discipline because many students get attracted towards this degree course only because of its adequate success and reputed positions that one can achieve after the completion of the degree in a multinational company or organization. Well, to become a successful engineer, gaining only a degree is not essential but higher education is also required to facilitate their better performance. A lack of current knowledge can lead to slow progress. Therefore, if you want to shine in the industry, enough knowledge in the respective field and discipline is a misty have. Some of the important engineering branches are chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Online Engineering Degree Programs

A large number of online engineering degree programs are offered at various online engineering schools and colleges. The different types in engineering are mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. Chemical engineering comprises of three sub disciplines material engineering, process engineering, and molecular engineering. On the other hand, civil engineering is also divided under four sub disciplines geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering and environmental engineering. Electrical engineering is divided under four categories namely electronic engineering, computer engineering, power engineering and optical engineering. Mechanical engineering is also further divided under sub discipline like vehicle engineering, thermal engineering and acoustical engineering.

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Top online degrees in engineering:

Engineering category is a huge one as it consists of large number of degree programs designed for people of all interests. Below is the list of some top engineering degree online.

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (technical)
  • Software Testing Certificate
  • Master of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • Associate of Applied Science in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction or Project Management
  • Computer and Electronics Engineering
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Systems or Engineering Management
Top engineering colleges all over the world are:
  • DeVry university
  • American intercontinental university
  • PeNN foster college
  • Walden university
  • ITT technical institute
  • Lehigh university