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Online Doctoral Degree Programs

Rich and highly prolific doctoral degrees are very suitable for occupying upper-level academic, administrative, or managerial positions in the sectors of academia, professions, business & commerce, and services. The doctoral degrees are higher degrees than the master's degrees in the desired subjects, and are also referred to as the Ph. D (Doctor of Philosophy) degrees. Therefore, people desirous of pursuing doctoral level courses must preferably have a master's degree in the selected subject or field.

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This elevated and illustrious academic or professional degree is considered essential and commonly recommended for being a qualified lecturer, professor, researcher, head of department, or director general in academic or professional sectors. The doctoral courses are intensive-study and research-oriented courses in the selected subjects or fields, and generally take four to six years for completion. The doctorate degrees are also immensely elegant for getting faster and richer employments, and achieving promotion, fast progress and desired growth in any academic, professional, or commercial field.

Therefore, the online doctoral degree programs are certainly the most convenient and magnificent means for obtaining doctoral degrees by working professionals, busy businessmen, studying postgraduate students, and other occupied individuals in various economic fields. Hence, well-accredited and internationally recognized online doctoral degrees are now hugely popular by working and non-working people of the world over, for the above mentioned purposes. Detailed information about the ever-increasing number of online universities offering these online doctoral degree programs, is given separately in the lower section. Today, the online doctoral degree programs are being provided in most of the highly significant, productive, and vital subjects, essentially including the following immensely popular and cherished subjects:

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Education and Teaching; Educational Leadership; Business Administration; Psychology; Computer Science; Accounting; Nursing; Sciences; International Business; Information Systems Management; Organizational Leadership; Health Administration; Healthcare Management; Mass Communication and Journalism; Biotechnology; Supply Chain Management; Entrepreneurship; Finance; Human Resource Management; Computer & Information Security; Law and Criminal Justice; Business Intelligence; Public Health; Engineering Disciplines; Religious Studies; Public Administration; Information Technology; Project Management; Political Science; Urban and Regional Planning; Water Resources; Business and Commerce; Environmental Science; Tourism Studies; Library and Information Science; Languages and Literature; Economics; Sociology; and various other constructive and highly gainful subjects.

Online Doctoral Degree Colleges

Most of the well-established, variedly experienced, and well-resourced online universities now offer world-class online doctoral degree programs in a really wide-range of subjects, for providing this elevated doctoral degrees to students and professional residing in countries worldwide. About 50 of these highly prestigious and globally popular universities are located in countries of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Switzerland, Germany, India, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries of Asia and Europe. The online doctoral degrees granted by these globally reputed online universities are also very helpful in acquiring lavish and bright employment in foreign countries worldwide. Most of the subjects noted above are covered by the online doctoral degree programs of these glorious universities of the world. According to past reputation, current status, and latest surveys, the following online universities (online colleges doctoral degrees) are at present, the most preferable and best for pursuing the online doctoral degree programs in the select subjects:

  • Walden University
  • University of Phoenix Online
  • Capella University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Missouri
  • Liberty University Online
  • Jones International University
  • University of Rockies
  • Argosy University Online
  • Boston University Online
  • Concord Law School
  • Mississippi State University
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Northcentral University
  • Keiser University