Online Plaza College

The online plaza collegeis one of the oldest for learning and that has been transforming the lives of many particularly for getting a better job that will offer them the opportunity to explore their creativity. It was first started as an independent institution 1970 that will offer diverse courses in Long Island City, Ney York. At present it has changed it center and is located in the new address 74-09 37th Ave #202, Jackson Heights, New York 11372, United States.

As part of the diverse centers of learning that are available here consist of business administration, medical assisting, information technology, medical billing and coding, office technologies and accounting. As part of the reviews about the college has an evening and week end classes, that are well facilitated with qualified faculty members that are one of the best in their own field. There are other facilities such as world class infrastructure with expanded library, internet, learning resource and many more.

The learners at plaza college new York are taught in such a way to enhance their creativity and being one the oldest it has the charm and charisma to being out the best students who truly make a difference in every organization that they join. The curriculum has been well designed in such a way that the pupils are kept in the first place and they are mould to bring out the most promising future.

The various plaza college programs consist of:
Degree Programs:
  • Business Administration, Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Health Information Technology, Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Medical Assisting, Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Information Sciences, Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Accounting and information System, Associate in Occupational Studies Degree
  • Office Technologies, Associate in Occupational Studies Degree
  • Computer Business Support Specialist, Associate in Business Administration Degree
  • Business Administration-Management, Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
  • Patient Information Management, Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
Certificate Programs:
  • Office Assistant
  • Computer Skills for the Business Professional
  • Junior Accounting
  • Computer Operations Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Junior Office Assistant High Tech
The plaza college courses are made up of the following:
Bachelor Degrees:
  • B.B.A. — Management
  • B.B.A. — Patient Information Management
Associate Degree Programs:
  • A.A.S. — Medical Assisting
  • A.O.S. — Computer Business Support Specialist
  • A.A.S. — Information Sciences
  • A.A.S. — Business Administration
  • A.O.S. — Office Technologies
  • A.O.S. — Accounting and Information Systems
  • A.A.S. — Health Information Technology (HIT)