Online Academy College

The academy college online one of the most outstanding and among the oldest online colleges that offers education under diverse categories that are well accompanied by faculty members who are highly skilled in their respective areas. The students are offered the freedom to choose their own section of professional programs so as to make them able individuals and with future that will help them to be better in their financial and social life. Another fact here is that the college is being acknowledged by the Council of Independent Colleges and schools that offers degree and certificate courses for specific streams.

It was first founded in 1936 under the name of Academy of Accountancy and is wholly supported by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award Bachelor of Science Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Certificates. The college is located in the beautiful city of online academy college bloomington mn that will be yet another jewel in the crown for the people and the country. Again there are also special considerations for the learners from diverse background such as:
  • New Students
  • Military Students
  • Transferring Students
  • Re-Admitting Students
  • International Students

The academy college online also offers financial aids that are a boon to the students and also there are other faculties members will offer the needful process throughout the enrollment to the submission of assignments and the career center is also available. This will help the learners to increase their skills and enhance their search for jobs and employment.

As part of the online academy college online reviews there are libraries that are well accompanied with books from all around the world under different topics that are students can get it for reference. Along with it the teachers are always around to offer any kinds of assistance that the students need.

Further as part of the admission that is present here are purely comprised of four major programs such as:
  • Aviation
  • Business
  • Computer Technology
  • Medical & Health

Thus as per the programs that are provided here are:

Professional Pilot:
  • AAS Degree
  • Certificate
Aircraft Dispatch:
  • Resident course
  • Corresponded course
Aviation Business
Business Administration:
  • BS Degree
  • BS Degree
  • AAS Degree
  • BS Degree
  • Certificate
Computer Technology:
  • BS Degree
Network Administration:
  • AAS Degree
  • Certificate
  • Computer Science
Medical & Health:
Medical Assistant:
  • Certificate
Medical Billing & Coding:
  • Certificate
Medical Administration:
  • Certificate
General Education Course:
  • Communication
  • Humanities
  • Math\Natural Science
  • Social Sciences