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University of Oxford

In among the most respected and proud of itself university in the world is university of oxford wellington which for centuries have been molding and producing the most efficient and respected individuals in the world. The students and alumina are in the top position of every aspect of their professional, academic and most importantly in every aspect of their expertise.

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Despite that fact that its initial formation of this apex home of learning is never known but it has been found that teaching was found out to be as early as in 1096 which make about 918 years of its existence and producing excellence. It is basically a convergent of diverse section of the research university that offers the perfect platform to the best minds of the century.

As proud as it may be the university of oxford uk has been making the most extra ordinary strides in the field of education research and development of the humankind and its surrounding through the highly well qualified academic personalities. It is the oldest of its kind which is present even today and the second in being the oldest in its survival over the years. It was enhance considerably in 1167 when King Henry II banned the English students from going to Paris to be educated there.

The university of oxford is the perfect place for those who are yearning to achieve the best in different field this is shown considerably through its acceptance of various international students at the length and breadth of the various courses that it has under its roof. There are various colleges and schools that offer diver arrays of programs which consist of the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, masters professional and research programs. These are all well scattered in some of the centers of learning to mention some as:
  • All Souls College
  • Balliol College
  • Brasenose College
  • Campion Hall
  • Lincoln College
  • Mansfield College
  • Nuffield College
  • Oriel College
  • The Queen's College
  • Regent's Park College
  • St Antony's College
  • St Benet's Hall
  • St Edmund Hall
  • St John's College
  • St Peter's College
  • St Stephen's House
  • Trinity College

In among the major faculties and departments that are found here consist of university of oxford medical school and university of oxford said business school is two of the most demanded courses. Which is also part of the top universities in uk that has been well known for accepting students based on their skills and knowledge despite their age as it has the record of students as young as 13 years old. It has produce all together 58 Nobel laureates, prime ministers and politicians who are at the top of their position.

As mentioned above the students arte accepted based on their genius irrespective of their age in the eligibility and application for students with cores and norms as per the different departments and colleges. There are also various scholarships and grand that are offered to students who are intellectual but from a weaker financial background are welcome to be a part of the prestigious temple of learning.