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The University of Chicago

The university of chicago was first established under the leadership of John D. Rockefeller and the American Baptist Education Society in 1890 and was working with the main features to provide the students with the most outstanding factors that are highly well supported with the development of both boys and girls colleges. Over the years it has transformed itself with new and better functioning programs that will allow the students to get the most advance for of learning that has made I all possible for the students in the pursue of their professional future.

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The university of chicago address is located in Edward H. Levi Hall, 5801 South Ellis Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 United States. The campus is well spread with state of the art facilities, library that has various books, journals that consist of national and international publication. There are also laboratories that are consisting of modern technologies that will help in the further studies and research that are taken up by various scholars and students with the assistance from their faculty members.

The university of chicago usa also has different levels of learning stages that are well divided into various colleges and schools that are made up of various faculties and departments. It also has different section of the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional and doctoral programs. All in all in all it has about 50 majors in the undergraduate colleges, four graduate divisions and sis graduate professional schools that are in accordance with the skills and professional excellence. There are various colleges and schools such as:
  • Biological Sciences Division
  • Chicago Booth School of Business
  • The College
  • Divinity School
  • Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies
  • Harris School of Public Policy Studies
  • Humanities Division
  • Law School
  • Institute for Molecular Engineering
  • Oriental Institute
  • Physical Sciences Division
  • Pritzker School of Medicine
  • School of Social Service Administration
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Laboratory Schools

In addition there are various other courses that are offered here such as the university of chicago online programs that are for students who want to learn at their own pace, yet with the guidance and support of the various highly qualified faculty members. One of the most interesting facts about online learning here is that it has the same curriculum and instruction as that of the day scholars.

The lessons are designed in such a way that the students will be trained in a classroom style of learning through the visual sections of the programs that are especially designed for them. In general there are three courses such as the online editing, online clinical trials and regulatory compliance and online medical writing and editing. Another important part of this is the university of chicago mba online for students who want to take up the program and are offered the ultimate opportunity in according to the different form of learning.

There are various process of the getting the eligibility and application that are done with the supervision of the concerned school, faculty and department. There are various other scores that are under taken such as the SAT, GER score and other credentials.