Mangalayatan University

University College London

The university college london uk was made with the aim to eradicate the class differences that are present in the society that has been well formulated as part of the entire university as a whole. It was founded in 1826 with the grand plan to remove the indifference and allowing the students from various race and economical background to be a part of the best university in the country. An important step on its way was that it was also the first educational center that allowed women education that was in equal level with the men.

Usha Martin University

The main aim of the university college london is that it focuses in the modernization and countering the modern world issues at hand through academic excellence and various research. It also has a gamut of series of programs and courses that are from science, technologies and arts. To do so it has state of the art facilities that are well equipped with technologies modern art that is also well supported by the various books, journals that are of different areas that are of famous individuals both from the national and international universities.

The university college london courses that are provided here consist of different programs and kinds that are well suited with respect to the choice of the student. There are various undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, professional, certificate and doctoral programs. Here are the various faculties that are of varied courses such as:
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
  • Brain Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Laws
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Population Health Sciences
  • Social & Historical Sciences

It is a public research university located in the beautiful city of London that is not only posh but also influential in the economic and academic section. There are various qualities of it that makes it the top uk university and are attended by students from around the world who are with the thirst for better education. There are different international fronts that have made it the fourth best in the world that has more than 4,000 academic and research staff that are most well educated in teaching and helping the students when they need.

Apart from it the university is also has its members in the 53 fellows of the Royal Society, 51 fellows of the British Academy, 15 fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering and 117 fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences. There are also various literary, sports and extracurricular activities and the students have been at the top of it. It also has Nobel Prize winners, scientist, humanitarians, internationally well acclaimed political leader, authors, musicians, sports person, flim makers and so on. Therefore the acceptance of application and eligibility are done purely by the concert departments or faculties that include the academic credentials, test scores and interviews.

In addition the university college london gower street also has a rich collection of different types that are all grouped together such as in the form of museums and collections consist of the arts and sciences, another is the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, a leading collection of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology and many more.