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Utrecht University

The utrecht university is among the best and earliest institute of learning that are offered as part of the series of academic excellence it has to offer. It was previously known as Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht that was formed in 1636 that had not only the students but also the nation was well formulated in the path of modernization and growth for all. It is not only the best but also the oldest in the country with the largest university in the whole of Europe.

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The utrecht university netherlands has the state of the art facilities that are well supported with old and highly well furnished with the series of sections of infrastructure along with international standard of separate schools and faculties. There is also the presence of new developed laboratories with the advance technologies that are needed for the research. Along with it there is also the presence of libraries that are stacked with books and journals of diverse topics from both the national and international section of the series.

Another important fact to share is that the utrecht university address is located in Campusplein 1, 3584 ED Utrecht in the Netherlands. There are series of courses that are found here that are formulated as part of the different programs that are found here as the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional, online courses and the highest is the doctoral program.

There are about 50 Bachelor's and 169 Master's degree programs that are taught all in the English medium with the and more than two thousand students from around the world pour down here to pursue their career, professional, academic and future aspects of the learners and scholars. In addition as part of the university Utrecht there are series of courses that are offered through the various schools and colleges such as:
  • Graduate School of Geosciences
  • Graduate School of Humanities
  • Graduate School of Natural Sciences
  • Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance
Graduate School of Life Sciences, connected to:
  • Medical School (in Dutch)
  • Veterinary School (in Dutch)
  • School of Pharmacy (in Dutch)

Further as part of the utrecht university masters courses are also offered for the oldest to the newest section of courses that are found at present. There are many who come to study the masters program apart from it there are those who have graduated from the university. As part of the application and eligibility are based purely on the academic excellence and abilities of the student with the creative mind that will help everyone.

Further as part of the utrecht university medical school there are basically five degrees that are offered here as part of the school is also affiliated with some of the most well established sections. There are five different schools that are present here as Biomedical sciences, Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine and UMC Utrecht Training Centre.

Further the utrecht university business school deals purely in the subject that are related both in the international and national section. There are three schools that are present here school of law, school of economics (USE) and school of governance (USG)