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The University of Tokyo

The university of tokyo is also commonly known as Todai which is taken from the combination of the initials of two Japanese words which is Tokyo Daigaku. The first is the capital city and the second is the word meaning university in the Japanese language when both are put together it is known as Todai. It was first established in 1877 under then chartered by the Meiji government for bringing together the older government schools for medicine and Western learning for higher studies. It is the first of its kind research university that was formed with the aim to produce one of the best academic excellences in the undergraduate and graduate courses and further it has developed with various other studies that are in the research that has made it the best place for learning.

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Here at the university of tokyo japan the students are taught with the most advance form of learning that offers the students the opportunity to learn from the best academic environment that provide the perfect place to learn and develop both the academic advancement with developing the intellectual along with the professional intellectual and skills that will change the way one assume the facts that will transform your life forever. There are five campuses as Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokane and Nakano, the best in Asia and 21st in among others in the international level.

For further information that is required about the university of tokyo address can be found as given 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan.

.0There is the presence of state of the art faculty, infrastructure that is not only the most modern but also has the touch of heritage and culture. It also has an array of modern amenities and technologies that has made it the best and the most respected in the world both in academics and advances. As part of the undergraduate faculties are made up of faculties of the following law, medicine, engineering, letters, science, agriculture, economics, arts and sciences, education and pharmaceutical sciences

At the university of tokyo graduate school are available that will allow the students to get the most of the higher education programs that are of varied categories. These will help the students to grow and develop themselves through the various schools that are present here as:
  • Humanities and Sociology
  • Education
  • Law and Politics
  • Economics
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Mathematical Science
  • Frontier Sciences
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Interdisciplinary Information Studies
  • Public Policy

In addition there is also the most advance form of learning that is offered at the university of tokyo school of medicine that it also consist of 13 departments and are consisting of four types of degree programs doctoral degree program (Medical Science), doctoral degree program (Health Sciences), master's degree program and professional degree program. These are further sub-categorized into different departments for various sections as Molecular Cell Biology, Functional Biology, Pathology, Immunology and Microbiology, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Social Medicine, Internal Medicine, Reproductive, Developmental and Aging Sciences, Surgical Sciences, Health Science and Nursing, International Health, Medical Science and Public Health (Professional degree program)

As for those who are seeking for other courses the university of tokyo online courses are also offered better known as Coursera as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This consists of free online courses and certificates that are provided with video lectures, interactive content and a global community of peers from around the world.