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New York University

The new york university is among the most influencing and highly productive programs that are well formulated from its initial beginning that allows the students to get the most of the advantages that are offered as part of the overall higher education. It was brought forward under the leadership of Albert Gallatin in 1831 as one of the biggest private university. He was well supported by the President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in bringing forward the most inclusive institute with the advantage of making it all possible for the students to get the most of it with the latest mode of learning.

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Further the new york university usa also consist of the most comprehensive academic section that is well supported with state of the art facilities. In its 175 years of its existing consist of a diverse section of courses and schools. There is the presence of series of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional, online courses and doctoral programs.

The address of the university is located in the most developed city in the world 70 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012, United States. There are different schools that are found here consist of:
  • Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
  • Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
  • Tisch School of the Arts
  • College of Arts & Science
  • Graduate School of Arts and Science
  • Liberal Studies
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Nursing
  • Courant Institute
  • Gallatin School
  • Institute of Fine Arts
  • Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
  • School of Continuing and Professional Studies
  • Leonard N. Stern School of Business
  • Polytechnic School of Engineering
  • Schack Institute of Real Estate
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine
  • Silver School of Social Work
  • The Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality,
    Tourism, and Sports Management

As part of the eligibility and application consist of the highest level of learning that includes their creativity and also depends on the abilities of the students in the most advance form. There is also attention that is offered to students with respect to the academic excellence that are offered with the credential of the student. This is also followed with test and personal interview that are taken up by the respective hard of the schools and departments.

It has 18 schools under it that is inclusive of learners not only from the country but also consist of students from about 133 countries. As part of the new york university online courses are available in diverse section that includes of the undergraduate, graduate, diploma and certificate programs.

The new york university business school consist of different section of courses that are offered to students to get the most not only from the national aspect but also from the international aspect. There are different degrees such as the undergraduate, full-time MBA, part time MBA, executive MBA, Dual degrees, Global Degrees, PhD and Educative education.

In addition there is the new york university engineering school that follows the tradition that has been existing for about 158 years that looks upon the creative and highly intellectual aspect of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. It was founded in 1854 with majors and programs, honors program, BS/MS program, study abroad, online learning and graduate school.