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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The massachusetts institute of technology is one of the most highly well respected and most acknowledged institute that has been accepted as one of the best for its tradition for producing the technical studies that are from the most of the diverse section of science and engineering technology.

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It was first established in 1861 as a private research institute that has out grown from its past of learning in the physical sciences and engineering, and more recently in biology, economics, linguistics, and management as well. Today at present there is diverse section of the courses and programs that are offered here that has grown from the field of pure science. At present there are various art, humanities and music classes that students have shown the true spirit of being at MIT.

It is without a doubt one of the best college usa has to offer to students with an array of academic departments scientific, engineering, and technological education and research through the series of schools that are present here. The courses that are offered here comprises of the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional, online and doctoral programs. It also has state of the art facilities that are well comprised with the latest technologies that are offered with the most resourceful information that are offered here. The different schools and a college that are found here consist of the following:
  • School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • School of Science
  • Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology

There are about thirty-two departments that has the presence of 81 Nobel Laureates, 52 National Medal of Science recipients, 45 Rhodes Scholars, and 38 MacArthur Fellows that have been well associated and been a part of the internationally well acclaimed university for bringing out the best form of advance technologies that are used for the betterment of humanity and also for the field of science and its related aspects. As part of the massachusetts institute of technology address is located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and dose not only have the attention of the students from within the country but also from around the world.

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A part of the massachusetts institute of technology education there are various section of courses that are offered here that are of great demands to students such as Bachelor of Science (SB), Master of Architecture (MArch), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master in City Planning (MCP) , Master of Engineering (MEng), Master of Finance (MFin), Master of Science (SM), Engineer (each degree designates the field in which it is awarded), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Science (ScD)

Another important course that is offered here consists of massachusetts institute of technology online that are offered for students that are consisting of some of the most outstanding courses. The students are taught under the assistance and in mutual relationship between the teacher and the students with different kinds of e learning lessons and technologies that are offered to the students.

As being the best university in the world the application and eligibility are based upon the different levels of standard of achievement. Irrespective of which the most important point here needed is the excellence of the respective student in showing their academic extra ordinary excellence in the respective courses. These are also further notified with the testes and interviews that are undertaken by the respective departments.