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Johns Hopkins University

The johns hopkins university is one of the most prestigious and well acclaimed institution that is well known for its outstanding schools of learning that are offered in diverse categories. One of the most highly acclaimed is the medical school that has been one of the fore runners in the country and also among the top five best universities in the world.

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It was established in1976 with the handsome grads that was offered by philanthropist John Hopkins after whom the university was also named as a recognition for his service to the people with the production of best centers for learning and advancing in the area health and science for the society and its people. Over the years it has grown not only in the above mentioned courses but also in the different sections that consist of arts, humanities, music and the list goes on. Among all of which the school of medicine and science has been at the top spot with the diverse section of research and studies that are undertaken as part of its curriculum that are taken up here.

There are diverse fractions of the education that are offered at the johns hopkins university usa that consist of the undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, professional, online and the highest level of learning which is the doctoral research programs. There are various schools and colleges that are offered here as:
  • Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
  • Whiting School of Engineering
  • Carey Business School
  • School of Education
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • Peabody Institute
  • Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • SAIS
Usha Martin University

The application and eligibility of the students are strictly done based on their academic excellence along with the tests and interviews that are taken up by the respective faculties and departments.

As part of the johns hopkins university address is comprised of the location of the main campus which is in beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C apart from it there are also new centers such as Italy, Malaysia, China and Singapore that are formed not only within the country but also internationally around the globe. The main aspect of the colleges is to offer knowledge to the world. It has also been a part of history and tradition that has been formulated since its inception and one of the most praise worthy is its innovative studies that are done under the science, medical and engineering research and development and also the noble prize winners are also part of the most reputed universities at present.

In addition there is also the johns hopkins university online courses that has been initiated since 2001 under diverse categories such as bioinformatics, change, energy, and environmental sustainability, computer science, cybersecurity, electrical and computer engineering, engineering management, environmental engineering, environmental engineering and science, environmental planning and management, information systems engineering, systems engineering and technical management.

There is the famous johns hopkins university school of medicine established in 1893 with diverse section of the medical studies that are undertaken for the education of physicians, the practice of medicine and medical research nationally and internationally for the betterment of all humankind. One its branch is the johns hopkins university school of nursing that was formed in 1889 that was formed for the teaching of nursing students and at present it is the global center of nursing research education with scholarships.