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Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

The humboldt universitat zu berlin is one of the most prestigious and well matured institute that went through different levels of transformation and control that it has to endure during different eras. It was first established in 1810 with the effort to offer pure scientific studies that are most competitive and highly progressive in the way it mould the many Nobel Laurels and various back through in the field that also brought forth the birth of modern science.

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It is not to be forgotten that the humboldt universitat germany is part of the rich history of the country for about two hundred years and over the years it grew considerably with the addition of various programs that are more international and highly promising for the students. Today it is one of the proud university that has not been a part of the lives of many but also is one of the key role player that has brought forth the most magnificent changes of the country. One of the most contributions in building it is due to the positive reinforcement that was brought forth by liberal Prussian educational reformer Wilhelm von Humboldt's concept of education that is in the higher education and more specific on the research section.

The humboldt universitat is not only transformed the learning system of the country alone but also of the world in the field of research apart from it also took an active role in the Peaceful Revolution in East Germany in 1989 and uniting the whole of Germany as one. Since then HU has become for all and faculties were from both sides of the country and even international faculties. Today there are various courses and programs that consist of the undergraduate, graduation, postgraduate, professional, online courses and research section.

The humboldt university programs are of diverse categories and types that are found at the various faculties and departments along with the central institutes such as:
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences I
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences II
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities I
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities II
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities III
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities IV
  • Charit - Universit tsmedizin Berlin
Central Institutes:
  • Centre for British Studies
  • Hermann von Helmholtz-Centre for Cultural Techniques
  • Professional School of Education
Central Units:
  • Computer and Media Service
  • Language Centre
  • Sport and Recreation
  • University Library

It is to be noted that HU is also at the top germany universities which consist of all together eleven faculties with 185 degree courses that are found with three graduate schools. Apart from it in the highest level of academics it has 10 collaborative research centers, along with 15 graduate schools all together, 57 special professorships that gathers all the genius of the country and also from around the world. As part of the overall recognition the university has is in the 126th rank throughout the world and also is at the top for subjects ranking throughout the world.