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The georgetown university is one of the leading form of learning center that offers that perfect opportunity to learn from the prestigious and wonderful center of higher education. It was first formed in 1789 and is one of the oldest Catholic and Jesuit University in the country that has been through the most horrific moment of the war between the North and South. It has been the corner stone for offering the student with the world class work courses, academic and research institutions that are the best in the field, providing its students the opportunity of a lifetime to learn, develop their creativity and grow with the advancement of the current section of the modern world.

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The georgetown university usa is also a home that not only allows the growth of one faith but of various others as it allows the students to be intellectually and in their faith nurture an hence also be illuminated with the studies that have been transforming the lives of many. Owing to its strong Catholic faith there are various priests and followers but it also maintains an internationally standard that allows them to be class apart from others and make them the best. There are all together four campuses that are in according to their faculty and department as the undergraduate campus, the Medical Center, the School of Continuing Studies (in Chinatown) and the Law Center. It also spreads its centers to other states such as Center for Continuing and Professional Education at Clarendon in Arlington, Virginia and in the international level there are centers in countries like Doha, Qatar, and villas in Alanya, Turkey and Fiesole, Italy.

One of the most fascinating parts of the georgetown university washington dc is that in its 450 years is that it allows the students and its faculty members to grow in an all round ways such as a person, intellectual and spiritually. It also focuses in bring out the different ways that they can help the neighborhood and another fact is that it follows the Jesuit aspect of educating the whole person and not just certain aspect of it. There are four undergraduate, graduates, professional and research section along with the medical residencies, professional development programs, certificates and other programs. There are nine schools all together as:
  • Georgetown College
  • McDonough School of Business
  • Walsh School of Foreign Service
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Law Center
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Continuing Studies
  • School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • MCCOURT School of Public Policy
Usha Martin University

In addition there is also the georgetown university online courses that are offered as part of the courses and has been the best with students pouring down to get the most of it and has become well known in the country for its excellence and with various other courses that it has to offer.

As the institute is at the best of its standards and is ranked 26th place along with 24th in among the private colleges along with its research centers for its advancement in every aspect of higher education. Therefore georgetown university application is also for the best irrespective of the country or faith difference but for the sole intellectual excellence there are various financial aids that are offered for students who show exceptional abilities and helping them to achieve the highest level of their academic and professional career. The admission process vary between the different courses that the students apply and are undertaken by the respective faculty members and their head of the department that includes tests that is followed by interview with their credentials and achievements.