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Freie Universitat Berlin

The freie universitat berlin is also known as the Free University of Berlin was formed with complete support and formation of the international support and impulses that are in the field of higher education that has not only made its biggest contribution in the field of education. The various world input towards it has led to the development of the research and teaching curriculum that make it all possible for the curriculum to be active. It is also very well known as part of the most prominent humanities and social sciences, as well as in the field of natural and life sciences throughout the world. It was first founded in the West Berlin during the fresh years of the cold war and to be separated from the Communist-controlled Humboldt University and thereby part of the free world and thus took the name as part of the free world.

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One of the most fascinating parts of the shill is that the free university of berlin is not the product of some individuals or organization but rather it is the product of the united support and formation of the students and scholars. Owing to the Soviet control the early education was done as under the supervision of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD) in January 1946. The students went ahead and protested against the political powers and many were imprisoned and also executed for it and later all the students came together and protested about it and made it a free university away from politics.

The freie universitat berlin germany that was the product of the struggle of the students and the bitter history irrespective of it there are others that has been taken into account the academic excellence that it has been able to achieve. It is one of the few that looks forward purely in the education that are most prominent in among others for being the best German Universities Excellence Initiative, a national competition for universities, triumphed with distinction for five doctoral programs, three interdisciplinary research clusters and most importantly it offered the top institutional strategy that made it to the highest level in the world.

The freie universitat berlin adresse is located in the beautiful city of Dahlem, Berlin, Germany. It is the kind of university that focuses only in the up liftmen of the students and their academic career. There are various schools, colleges and faculties that are under it such as:
Schools and Departments :
  • Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy
  • School of Business and Economics
  • Department of Earth Sciences
  • Department of Education and Psychology
  • Department of History and Cultural Studies
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Department of Philosophy and Humanities
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Political and Social Sciences
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine
  • Medical School - Charite - University Medicine Berlin
Central Institutes:
  • Institute for East European Studies
  • Institute for Latin American Studies
  • John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies
  • Center for French Studies
  • Center for Italian Studies

Further for those who are seeking to enhance their academic level that are or even continue their studies but at their own level are done through the freie university berlin online application that are open for those who are keen in getting the most well regarded and highly acknowledged university. There are various courses that has been designed in such a way that the students will get the equal advantage of learning like that in the regular classes. Further the eligibility here is well decided upon the concern departments and heads with their credentials and tests scores.