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Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

The ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne is a public center of higher education that is available in the country. It is also not to be forgotten that it is one of the two most prominent institutes that are provided for the people to get the most out of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology that is located in Lausanne.

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The English translation of the name of the university is Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and was founded by the Swiss Federal Government with the aim to teach and educate the students to become engineers and scientists, the university will be the nations pride and also the most excellent source of science and technology. Finally it also looks forward to form itself as a convergence for both the scientific community and industry as a whole under one roof.

As part of the ecole polytechnique federale de lausanne switzerland there are various dynamic teachers and faculty members who are keen in producing the future scientist and the modernization of various other scientific innovation under its wings. The first batch of students to graduate from here was in 1855. Today it has developed itself with outstanding facilities that have made it one of the best of its kind with the inclusion of latest technologies that is transforming the life of many students in pursue of their studies. There are also various schools that are of diverse sections that are found here as:
  • Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC)
  • Basic Sciences BS
  • Computer and Communication Sciences IC
  • Life Sciences SV
  • College of Humanities CDH
  • Engineering STI
  • Management of Technology CDM

It is located in the beautiful land that has mesmerized millions from all over the world; it can be contacted through their address which is at cublens (near Lausanne), Vaud, in Switzerland. It is also correlated with two of the Federal Institutes of Technology Domain (ETH Domain) and also inclined to the Federal Department of Home Affairs two of the specialized research institutes in the country. Another important fact is that it is located in the French speaking section in the country. There are students both from within the nation and also from 120 countries around the globe. There is always the need to develop itself as one of the most influencing universities in the nation and also in the international level.

The application and eligibility is based purely on the academic achievements of the students that are also further notified with the test and interview of the students that are undertaken by the respective departments and schools. One of the fascinating parts of the program is that there are new and advance form of teaching and learning process that allows the students to grow and develop themselves through the different programs that are available.

As part of the different courses that are present are well divided into various sections that are made up of the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional and research sections. Apart from it there is also the ecole polytechnique fdrale de lausanne online courses that are offered to students who are keen in learning but they can do it with their own time. In addition there is all together the presence of five schools, two colleges, one transdisciplinary entity, 27 institutes, 340 laboratories and 329 faculties all together.