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Brown University

The brown university is one of the most prestigious and the seventh oldest college in the United States of America. It was established in 1764 before the war of American Independence under the control of the English in the colony of Rhode Island and also the third earliest formed centers of higher education. At present as part of the higher education that it has to offer consist of graduate, undergraduates, professionals, post graduates, online learning and doctoral programs that is among the best in the world. There are students that are present here coming from various states throughout the country and from more than 100 countries globally.

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As part of the further information about the brown university address is 200 Dyer Street Box T Providence, Rhode Island 02912 USA that is surrounded with wonderful environment that is surplus in space and also in offering the perfect place for learning from the best. There is also the availability of various modern amenities such as modern technologies along with the state of the art facilities that are well supported with the infrastructures that are not only the oldest but one of the grandest of all.

There are various courses and programs that are offered at the brown university providence ri that has been well supported with the inclusion of various faculty members who are highly accomplished in their fields and also well experienced in handling every situation that comes their way in teaching and also assisting them in their academic endurance. There are various schools that are consisting of different faculties and departments from diverse areas such as:
  • Graduate School
  • Alpert Medical School
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Engineering
  • Business School
Usha Martin University

The brown university business school is one of the different schools that are found here that is well supported as part of the different forms that are found here. It is made up of basically two institutes that focuses from different programs but also offers the management education in the humanities, social, biological and physical sciences and another is in IE Brown Executive MBA. Another such important sector is the brown university graduate school that is one of the most important centers of learning that is in its initial stage and has the outstanding future for creating the accruing and enhancing of the knowledge in its highest form. There are about 2,000 graduate students that are from diverse back grounds, countries and with the different schools and courses that are offered here.

One of the most modern and important for of learning that is available at the brown university online education consist of the support and high quality of education as part of the entire programs of courses from different categories. This is made possible with the full support from the faculty members in being in contact with the learner and also the well planned curriculum that are lessons, assignments, threaded discussion forums, a repository of course resources, and online grading for them to keep in track by the teachers and students themselves .

The brown university engineering is another important course that has been working hard in producing the future fundamentals of engineering in an environment of world-class research. It is also part of the international collaboration that includes the Chinese universities, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences that work to bring out the most advance form of learning and results that are highly productive.