Penn Foster College

The penn foster college online has been designed in such a way to offer the students the perfect opportunity to meet with the constant growth in the professional career with the advance mode of education. It has been well estimated that 95% have become part of the entire students who are very capable to handle any situation that is relation to their future endurance.

Further the penn foster college has also been acknowledged by The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT), International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education and is authorized to award Associate of Science Degrees. There are highly well qualified faculty members who are always ready to assist the students in every need which is in relation to any quires that are in relation to the course and they also have well programmed lessons that are designed in accordance to the latest form of teaching an dlearning process.

As part of the penn foster college online programs that are offered here consist of:
  • Business Degrees
  • Design Degrees
  • Education Degrees
  • Engineering Degrees
  • Health Care Degrees
  • Legal Degrees
  • Technology Degrees
  • Veterinary Degrees
Finally the penn foster college online degrees has to offer the following:
Business Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Accounting
  • Associate Degree – Business Management
  • Associate Degree – Finance
  • Associate Degree – Human Resources Management
  • Associate Degree – Marketing
  • Associate Degree – Retail Management
  • Bachelor's Degree – Business Management
  • Undergrad Certificate – Accounting
  • Undergrad Certificate – Business Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate – General Studies
  • Undergrad Certificate – Human Resources
Design & Art Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Fashion Merchandising
  • Associate Degree – Graphic Design
  • Undergrad Certificate – Graphic Design
  • Associate Degree – Interior Design
Education Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Early Childhood Education
Engineering Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Construction Technology
  • Associate Degree – Engineering Technology
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Foundation Skills for Technology
  • Associate Degree – Industrial Electronics & Electrical Maintenance Technology
Health Care Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Health Care Management
  • Associate Degree – Medical Assistant
Legal/Law Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Criminal Justice
  • Associate Degree – Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelor's Degree – Criminal Justice
Technology Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Computer Information Systems
  • Associate Degree – PC Maintenance Technology
Veterinary/Animal Care Degrees:
  • Associate Degree – Veterinary Technician